Jewish Traditional Objects

Thank you for your interest in Congregation Albert. The below items will help to introduce you to our clergy, staff, services, programs and facilities. The essence of who we are … our sense of spirituality, the warmth, love and openness of our congregational community, and what makes us proud to call Congregation Albert an extension of our Jewish homes … can only be captured by meeting us, joining us in prayer, and allowing us to get to know you.

As you enter our building you will see over the entryway the words Dirshuni V’Chyu – Seek Me and Live. These words are a daily challenge to us all; we strive to apply them to all that we do. For more than 120 years, members of Congregation Albert have shared each other’s sweetest joys, and comforted one another during times of sorrow.

  • Together we celebrate the rhythms of the Jewish year.

  • Together we study Torah and apply its teachings to our daily lives.


Our sanctuary and classrooms are filled with song and learning. We speak out when we see injustice and strive to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Please make the time to join us for Friday evening or Saturday morning services. And when you do, be sure to introduce yourself to us. Once you experience the essence of our community, we’re confident that you will choose Congregation Albert as your spiritual home.

For more information call us at (505) 883-1818 or email our support staff at


Provided are the most requested forms in PDF format for you to print and mail or fax to our office.

Or fill out the application, print it, and fax or mail it with your payment to our office.