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Dara Kaufman Tree of Life

For years, members of Congregation Albert have recorded their wisdom, celebrations, memorials, and values on our Dara Kaufman Tree of Life. Members of Congregation Albert take time to look at our Tree of Life and appreciate seeing names and remembering- or learning about- people and events which have been memorialized. Samples of the tree of life can be viewed below.

Join the many members who have already recorded their messages on our Tree of Life! Your contribution to the Tree of Life honors Jewish values and edifies our Congregation Albert community. Funds raised will support projects that support Jewish values in our synagogue. 

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The family of Dara Kaufman, of blessed memory, our congregant and friend, honors her memory with a gift to our congregation, a Tree of Life. One driving force in Dara's life was the continuation of the Jewish people- through family, study, and synagogue life. Our Tree of Life assures that those values, cornerstones of Judaism and Dara held dear, will flourish in our synagogue. Please join her family and honor her memory and vision by celebrating a family simcha with contributions to our Tree of Life. The monies received will fund projects that support Jewish values in our synagogue.


Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyar 5784