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Cantor Finn's L'Chaim Weekend

Over the weekend of May 17-18, 2024, we will recognize and honor Cantor Barbara Finn for her leadership and the contributions she has made to us individually and as a community.

All proceeds will benefit the 

Camp and Youth Fund (to support sending youth to camp) and the

Cantor Barbara Finn Music Fund (to fund special music needs and programs)


May 17, 2024 - 6:00 PM Erev Shabbat Service followed by a Special Oneg (no charge for this event)

May 18, 2024 - 10:30 AM Eitzim Shabbat Service (no charge; family-oriented service)

May 18, 6:00 PM Havdalah, Musical Program, Dinner & Dancing (Tickets for this event are $72 each)


Hakarat HaTov and Sponsorship

Hakarat HaTov ("recognizing the good," in Hebrew) is the avenue for sponsorship of this event. Hakarat HaTov will be a tribute video, full of recorded and printed messages (and advertisements) which will be shown during the Saturday evening event; the video will be presented as a book for Cantor Finn to keep. Some levels of Hakarat HaTov sponsorship include complementary dinner tickets.
Sponsorship Hakarat HaTov entries are priced as follows:

  •  $3,600 - Sponsor - Full page in Hakarat HaTov plus a table (8 tickets) to the dinner
  •  $1,800 - Sponsor - Full Page in Hakarat Ha Tov plus 4 tickets to the dinner
  • $   900 - Sponsor - Half page in Hakarat HaTov plus 4 tickets to the dinner
  • $   540 - Sponsor - Quarter page in Hakarat HaTov plus 2 tickets to the dinner
  • $   360 - Sponsor - Quarter page in Hakarat HaTov

Any additional proceeds will be contributed to the Funds noted above.

Businesses and individuals may also be included in Hakarat HaTov but will not recognized as sponsors. These contributions will not include tickets to the Saturday night Dinner, but will go entirely to the two designated funds. 

  •  $180 - Business card reproduced in Hakarat HaTov
  •  $  36 - Name and limited character message in Hakarat HaTov

You may also purchase dinner tickets ONLY, which include entry into the May 18 Havdalah, Musical Program, Dinner & Dancing event and dinner.


This form includes many opportunities to donate and engage in sponsorship of the event in Cantor's honor.

For your convenience, the fields related to additional donations and sponsorships are set to, "No, thank you," and "I am not sponsoring any aspect of this event."
We are thrilled that you are attending the
Havdallah, Musical Program, and Dinner and Dancing event!!

If you are indeed considering sponsorship or a donation, please use the pull-down menus to indicate which applies to you.



If you are having difficulty uploading your file here, please send your file to 


If you are having difficulty uploading your file here, please send your file to 

Someone will reach out to you if your message exceeds the character limit. Email if you have any questions.


Your Hakarat HaTov sponsorship may come with dinner tickets!
Tickets are $72.00 per person for this special event.




Keep checking back- more information and forms will be here by March 11, 2024!


Thu, April 18 2024 10 Nisan 5784