Congregation Albert’s beautiful, historic cemetery is the final resting place of many notable Albuquerque citizens. It is a green oasis in the desert, a peaceful and pleasant place to visit your loved ones.


A new area of the cemetery dedicated in 2019 added more than 500 burial plots. This expansion will accommodate the congregation’s burial needs well into the next century. The cemetery is located within Fairview Memorial Park, 700 Yale Blvd. SE. Feel free to visit.


The design includes a beautiful gathering area that incorporates the historic arch over the original gate, first erected in 1892. This area has plots that include a variety of options for individuals and families:

  • A grassy area where upright markers may be installed.

  • Double-depth graves that allow stacking burials (two people in one plot).

  • Numerous cremated remains plots, as cremation is a choice allowed in Reform Judaism.

  • Natural “green” burial plots that allow for shroud burial, putting the deceased directly in contact with the earth, as in the ancient Jewish tradition.


Congregants may purchase burial plots in advance of need and are encouraged to plan ahead. Make contact with a Cemetery Committee member by first inquiring through the office.


Here are some facts about Congregation Albert’s historic cemetery, from the archives:


  • The first public Jewish institution in New Mexico was the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith, Lodge # 336, founded in 1883 in Albuquerque. There were 25 members of the lodge when it was founded.

  • In 1889, the B’nai B’rith Cemetery Association was organized by Henry Jaffa. He was the first mayor of Albuquerque, in 1880, and first President of Congregation Albert in 1897.

  • The original purchase, from the Albuquerque Cemetery Association, was for 2 acres of land. Forward thinking Jewish leaders planned for the future of the Jewish community, when the population of Albuquerque was very tiny.

  • When Congregation Albert’s first Rabbi, William Greenburg, held his first service in 1898 there were 50 people in attendance. In 1880, there were only 2,315 people in Albuquerque, according to the U.S. census. 

  • The first Jewish person buried there was Joseph Benjamin, interred in 1888, one year before the official formation of the cemetery.

  • The cemetery was deeded to Congregation Albert in 1902.

  • The purchase price was $250, the same amount that Alfred Grunsfeld paid in 1897 to name the congregation after his father Albert.

  • Many of the earliest people who are buried in this cemetery were Albuquerque civic leaders, merchants and traders. They came primarily from Germany. They spoke English, Spanish and Native American languages, as well as German. They were the pioneers who shaped the future of Congregation Albert, Albuquerque and New Mexico.


Click the links below to download the Burial Purchase Agreement and Rights Price Sheet. Please call the office if you need more information. 

Burial Rights Price Sheet

Burial Purchase Agreement