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Our deep Jewish connection to the natural world is not new. The Baal Shem Tov, who was the founder of the Chassidic movement in the 1700s saw the connection very clearly.  From the Baal Shem’s point of view, the environment is not just something that surrounds us, a place we live in. We are the environment, plain and simple. Destroy the world around us and we destroy ourselves. 


Our mission is to help Congregation Albert continue the work of tikkun olam by becoming a community leader in environmental education and action.

The Congregation Albert Sustainability Plan in Action

This mission, several goals, and many recommended projects are all found in the Congregation Albert Sustainability PlanThe Plan was adopted by the Congregation Albert Board in 2011 and reflects the Jewish values of the Reform Movement and COEJL (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life).

The Team has collaborated with other Congregation Albert committees, the Board, Clergy, Office Staff and facilities maintenance team to present programs on Climate Change, Pollinator Gardens, Methane Pollution and other topics. 

And we have worked together to complete many projects that have made Congregation Albert’s building and grounds more sustainable.  Our building is now solar, our drinking water is tested and safe, energy and water saving appliances have been installed throughout the building and our grounds primarily use drip irrigation.  The CA pollinator garden started in 2015 has even hosted a Monarch butterfly caterpillar.

We regularly offer tips on conservation through the CA electronic newsletter, Ma Yesh.


Congregation Albert City and Statewide Representation

Green Team co-leader Judy Smith is Congregation Albert’s representative in two statewide environmental organizations.  She serves on the Board of NM Interfaith Power and is a member of the ABQ Climate Coalition.






NM Interfaith Power and Light




Here is a link discussing the effect of using Roundup

The Future

As part of our mission we hope to continue to broaden and enhance our outreach beyond our own synagogue community. It is time to think about how our Congregation Albert community could do more for people in our City and State to address issues of environmental justice.  We are looking for interested congregants to help us broaden our mission and be involved in future projects. 


Join the Team to have some fun while making a difference!