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Yom Shlishi, 9 Tishri 5779
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There are many ways to contribute financially to the mission, values, and goals of Congregation Albert. All donations - no matter the amount - are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Please mail your donation to Congregation Albert 3800 Louisiana Blvd., NE Albuquerque, NM 87110

General Fund

Supports the general operations of Congregation Albert.

Archives Fund

Supports the Israel C. Carmel Archive, which collects, conserves, and displays the history of Congregation Albert.

Chesed Fund

Encourages participation of those with limited means at fee-based congregational functions or educational programs.

Kern-Hayon Caring Committee

The Kern Memorial Fund underwrites the activities of the Caring Committee by providing assistance to members who are in need of support due to life changes, loss, or illness.

Discretionary Funds

Enables the Administrator, Cantor, Lifelong Learning Director, President, and Rabbi to support worthwhile purposes in the congregation and the community.

House & Grounds Fund

Funds improvements to the building and grounds, including building security.

Building Fund

Funds capital improvements and the retirement of debt associated with capital improvements.

Goffe Memorial Fund

Funds improvements to the Michelle Goffe Memorial Rose Garden.

Outreach Fund

Supports education and understanding between religious faiths.

Library Fund

Enables the purchase  of books, equipment ,and supplies for the library.

Jim Grad Music Fund

Provides funds for concerts and musical programs.

Prayer Book & Torah Fund

Enables the repair and replacement of Torah scrolls and prayer books, and the purchase of new Torah scrolls and prayer books.

Scholarship Funds

Provides scholarships for camp, Israel, or religious school.

School Fund

Augments the school and preschool budget, and enables the purchase of children's books.

Youth Activities Fund

Enables our youth to attend national / regional youth conferences, and supports all their activities in other worthwhile causes.

The Cooperman-Beracha Early Childhood Center Education Fund

Provides funding to support the educational growth of young children who attend the Congregation Albert Early Childhood Center.


From the celebration of new life to the saying of Kaddish, Congregation Albert  is your spiritual family for honoring life cycle events as well as the Jewish holy days.

Rabbi Rosenfeld, Cantor Finn, our members, and our staff assist in the preparation and celebration of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Confirmations, weddings, brit and baby namings, and sitting shiva.

During the year, you will enjoy participating in our ritual services, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, and other events which honor and celebrate the history of our people. 

Morning and Bedtime Rituals for Children

in Blessings
From the Union's publications, Wake-Up Rituals: Crafting Jewish Tradition for Young Childrenand Jewish Bedtime Ritualsproduced by the Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning.UPON WAKINGModeh Ani is the traditional prayer to be said by children. Hold your child…